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Our Products

From aggregates to septic tanks and accessories, Osoyoos Aggregates does it all! You will find that we supply the finest products from the most popular and trusted suppliers from around the world. Some of our products include:

• ¾” (19mm) road crush
• 1 ½” (38mm) road crush
• 3” (75mm) road crush
• 6” minus (150mm) pitrun
• ¾” (19mm) drain rock
• 2” (50mm) drain rock
• 3” to 6” (75mm to 150mm) drain rock (cobble)

• Stucco sand
• Bedding sand
• Crushed sand (structural fill)
• Fill sand
• Beach sand

Soil and Fill
• Screened topsoil (loam/sand mix)
• Unscreened topsoil
• Fill soils

Septic Tanks and Accessories
• Concrete septic tanks (600 gal. To 2500 gal.)
• Pump chambers (concrete or poly)
• Distribution boxes and risers
• Sewer pipe (solid and perforated)
• Sewer pipe fittings

Landscaping Rock and Accessories
• Coloured shale rock (multiple colours and sizes)
• Large landscaping rocks
• Landscape cloth

Retaining Wall Blocks
Allan Block retaining wall products
Basalite retaining wall products

• Precast concrete blocks

• Expocrete products

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