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Building Strong, Energy Efficient Homes


FOX BLOCKS is a modular, interlocking insulating concrete forming system consisting of two expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation panels connected with plastic web connectors moulded into the EPS panels at 203 mm (8") on centre. The EPS face panels have a preformed interlocking mechanism along their top and bottom edges to facilitate stacking of FOX BLOCKS and to ensure web connectors align vertically for attachment of interior and exterior finish materials. The space created between the EPS panels is filled with concrete on site to form an insulated, monolithic concrete wall of uniform thickness.


FOX BLOCKS panels are left in place to form a continuous insulation layer on both sides of the wall. The panels provide backing for drywall on the inside and stucco, lap siding or brick on the outside. The result is a house or commercial building that is exceptionally strong, energy efficient, quiet, comfortable and durable, and can be built in any style.

Fast Growing Technology

Approximately 128,000 homes have been built in North America since the early 1990s using ICF systems. Today, it represents approximately 3% of North American housing starts. The rate of growth has been steadily increasing year after year at a rate of close to 40%. Over 100 distributors and manufacturers of ICF systems serve the Canadian market. ICFs have become a cost-effective way to build. No wonder they're one of the fastest growing new technologies in construction!

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